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Channel D Pure Music thoughts?

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Hey All,

I've just read the review of the Pure Music software for MAC OS X in HiFi Choice and an currently testing it. So far I am bowled over by the improvement.

I am comparing the same track from my Marantz CD6003 via Pure Silver Audio cables Vs. Mac Book Pro, Apogee Duet, Apple Lossless via Cheap Copper audio cable.

The sounds is notable better via the Mac Book, which is a shock to be honest. The sound is more controlled and over all it sounds of much higher quality. It is upsampling to 96Khz which is a limitation of the Apogee Duet. I wonder how better it would be is silver audio cables and a 192Khz DAC.

Seriously worth a demo!


The only downside so far is the naff interface, really looks it came from Windows 3.11. lol


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FWIW, to my ears, Pure Music (PM) improves iTunes's soundstage, detail and separation but the trade-off is very bright/metallic top-end treble and significantly reduced mid-range bass. And, IMHO, PM is a chore re OS X Preferences re-sets (ie Energy Saving, Screen Saver, closing all other programs etc.)

There's a 2-page thread discussing Pure Music, Fidelia and Decibel here:


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I have tried Amarra mini and PureMusic and found the following:

Amarra mini:

- no difference in sound (to itunes)

- integration with itunes/remote not 100% and requires too much fiddling to my linking

- not possible to purchase as a download in UK and use without extra hardware (USB lock) (I think the latest update is ok on this?)

- ridiculously expensive

Pure Music

- minor difference in sound (although not enough to be sure it is not in my head!). sounded a bit warmer (than itunes)?

- integration with itunes/remote not 100% and requires too much fiddling to my liking


I am happy with itunes except sample rate switching so tried the above for that functionality mainly. On balance of sound, interface, itunes integration and price the conclusion for me was 'not worth it'.