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upgrade turntable or amp

So im going to buy my first turntable/amp/speaker set up tomorrrow, and i'll have an additional 100 quid or so extra.

At the moment im looking at getting the cambridge audio am10 and project essential turntable. Speakers are already sorted out. (monitor audio bx2)


What should i spend the 100 quid on, upgrading the turntable to a better model or the amp to a better model (what will have the best imapct on the overall quality?)



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RE: upgrade turntable or amp

Normally I'd put the extra money on the turntable, but in this case I'd recommend going for a better amp as the Cambridge Topaz range ones are pretty below par in my experience.  

However, a quick look has just shown me that the AM10 is currently £169, yet Richer Sounds have the superior Marantz PM5004 at £154.95 or the Denon PMA520AE at £179.  You could go for one of these amps and still consider going for a Rega RP1 turntable.  Spending your budget more wisely like this will give you a much better turntable than the Project and a better engineered amplifier without committing a great deal more money.

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RE: upgrade turntable or amp

+1 for the marantz amp.

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