Apple HomePods are leaving white stains on wooden tables

Good news: the Apple HomePod is the best-sounding smart speaker we've ever used. Bad news: Apple has admitted you probably shouldn't put it on a wood surface.

Multiple outlets including Wirecutter and Pocket-lint have spotted that the base of the HomePod is damaging to wooden furniture and causes white rings to appear.

According to Wirecutter, Apple has confirmed the issue, blaming oils that are diffused between the speaker’s silicone base and the wood. Apple has helpfully suggested wiping the marks with a damp or dry soft cloth.

An Apple representative also said that, “the marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface,” and if they don’t fade on their own, you can “try cleaning the surface with the manufacturer’s suggested oiling method”.

So, yes, there appears to be a bizarre problem with the HomePod. And, as with the response Apple gave to people experiencing issues with the iPhone 4's connectivity ("You're holding it wrong"), it seems now, "You're placing it wrong".

Having spent a fair bit of money on the HomePod, we can't but help think you really should be able to place it in your home wherever you like. But hey, it sure does sound great...

Have you noticed this issue? Let us know in the comments below.

(Image via Wirecutter)

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