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Cyrus speaker choice


I am new to this but a long time subscriber to the magazine, I am looking to upgrade the speakers on my present system, which is a Cyrus 8 CD - 8 vs amp -2x smart power plus's & 2x pxr power supply regulators, the iffy part is the speaker choice, I demo'd n bought Kef Q1's with the system, but having then got them home I have never really been that happy with the sound. I am now in a position to upgrade to something better & the obvious choices according to all the reviews seem to be the B&W 805's or the wilson benesh square 1's.

 I have a large (ish) 7m x5m open plan living area where the system lives with a granite tiled floor & very little in the way of soft furnishings. the system is racked on the Cyrus Hark rack & I use Cyrus interconnects, the speakers are bi wired with Chord Odessey cable. My main problem with demo ing any replacements is the fact that all the dealers have deep pile carpets, sofa's etc in their demo rooms & I cant seem to get a feel for how it may sound in my place, any ideas ?

 Many thanks


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Re: Cyrus speaker choice

When your planning on spending that sort of money, I'm sure your local dealer will bend over backwards to let you have the speakers on home trial and if he doesn't, speak to dealer that will.


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Re: Cyrus speaker choice


i use a cyrus system ( the cd7 , not the cd8 and a cyrus pre amp )to drive the B&W 803. I m very happy with the sound. I think the 805 sound very nice with cyrus, you have more than enough power to handle them so the sound should be ok and not too hard, maybe the use of the original stands could help to deliver a better sound in your room.

Is there no way you can test them in your room , i know normally dealers don t let you test speakers at home, but the 805 s aren't too big so maybe you can work something out with your dealer. it worked for me.

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Re: Cyrus speaker choice

Or save money and buy yourself a big rug and some drapes!

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