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Oppo PM1 and HA1 combo

Anyone else out there enjoying this combo? I've had the PM1's (balanced cable) and a silver HA1 for about a week now and absolutely in love with them. Currently listening to FLAC files via coax output on my Fiio x3 but also use my Mac Pro with Audirvana Plus. Audio heaven and absolutely beautiful build quality.

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I haven't had a chance to

I haven't had a chance to hear the HA1 as yet as I've been a little busy, but the PM1s sounded amazing, and that was just linked directly to my iPhone using Amazon cloud player! (Most of my music is on my Classic iPod, which I didn't have with me at the time). I'm looking forward to really getting to grips with the combination soon. Suffice to say from what I've heard so far, I want a pair!

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Had my black HA-1, PM-1 and

Had my black HA-1, PM-1 and 3m balanced cable for just a couple of days.

Currently hooked up to my BDP-105 via stereo RCAs (for SACD) and optical (everything else).
Plenty of streaming from MacBook via USB and iPad by front USB.

Really enjoying the combo - even the wife who never appreciates good sound loved the PM-1s playing some SACDs.


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I can only agree on this ...

I can only agree on this ... very well matched pair imho... which, I have learnt, means so muchDrinks

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