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Audiolab MDAC or Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

If sound only matters, what would be better choice? I want to upgrade my digital source (Asus Xonar Essence STX), to listen with MF A5 + Audium Comp 5. I actually need only DAC, but it’s good to have an extra option with streamer (PC’s are not most reliable devices). It’s not easy to arrange home audition in Croatia. So, any opinions?


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RE: Audiolab MDAC or Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

Personally I would go for the MDAC. Others have commented that its DAC performance is better than the Cyrus DAC X+ , at least twice it's price (although the Cyrus Preamp is better)

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RE: Audiolab MDAC or Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6
I'm thinking of hooking the M-DAC to a cambridge audio 640C CDP and Yamaha A-S500 amp, do anyone think there will be a significant sound improvement?
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Audiolab MDAC or Calyx DAC 24/192

Hi i am new here,

Greetings everyone!


i am hoping to hear some comparisons or comments about how the Mdac vs Calyx 24/192 compete in terms of sound quality, i know the Mdac was DAC of the year but also i have heard that hte Calyx is very very good and is almost head to head with Weiss dac...






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RE: Audiolab MDAC or Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 vs. Musical Fidelity M1 DAC - who will be better? I'm using HTPC with Foobar200 via Wasapi. I don't know what to do: 1) to buy Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6; or 2) to buy DAC approx. £ 500 to use with HTPC.

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RE: Audiolab MDAC or Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

If it's of any help, i upgraded from a Dacmagic(similar sound to a 640C cdp??), to an Audiolab MDAC, and i couldn't be more pleased!

Using it as a Pre-amp/Dac, i feel it improves on the Dacmagic in almost every area. The bass flies low and fast, through my Dubstep/Electronic/Hip Hop!

I consider a laptop to be a better proposition than a typical streamer. More than anything, because of Jplay, used in 'Hibernate' mode. 

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