UPDATE: Cambridge Audio expands DAC range with wireless DacMagic Plus

Update 24.11.11

Given the level of interest here, we've had a chat with Cambridge Audio and gleaned a little more information. First, the DacMagic Plus will go on sale in Richer Sounds stores on or before December 1st.

Second, CA has confirmed that "a new entry-level DacMagic will go on sale in spring 2012". There's no exact confirmation on pricing yet, but it's likely to be "close to the 2008-2011 DacMagic". That's to say around the £230 mark.

And as we saw both models in development back in the summer, we can confirm they are quite different in terms of specification.

Published 22.11.11

Cambridge Audio is expanding its range of DAC devices with the introduction of the £350 DacMagic Plus, and further models are planned for the New Year.

It doesn't replace the existing £230 DacMagic, but rather offers enhanced performance and the option of wireless Bluetooth apt-X connectivity.

A new plug-and-play BT100 audio receiver (£70) allows music to be streamed wirelessly from iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops and PCs or any device which supports Bluetooth.

As for the DacMagic Plus itself, the device has the following upgrades:

• A reworked USB input that now supports 24-bit transfer for "better than CD quality" playback of digital music files up to 24/192kH

* Dedicated headphone amplifier and volume control

• Enhanced performance from a new ATF2 upsampling algorithm

* A new digital preamp function so that it can be connected directly to and control power amplifiers and active speakers

Other key features include twin Wolfson WM8740 DACs implemented in dual differential mode, a new 32-bit Analog Devices digital signal processor, two digital inputs with both coaxial and optical connections and balanced XLR as well as standard RCA phono outputs.

Three selectable filters (linear/minimum/steep) allow the listener to select the one that sounds best to their ears for each content source, a full metal chassis and new wraparound casework with aluminium front panel.

The DacMagic Plus will be available in silver or black from early December, and the BT100 wireless audio receiver will follow a few weeks later.

Read more about Cambridge Audio's plans in our exclusive blog

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