CES NEWS: Sharp sticks with LCD - with models from 15in to 108in

Mon, 7 Jan 2008, 7:00pm

108-inch_head on scaled 

It's hardly surprising that Sharp's concentrating on LCD TV technology at CES this year: after all, the company has a brand-new eighth-generation factory back home in Japan, able to make screens for sets right up to the 108in monster on the left.

It also allows it to make a whole range of Aquos TV line-ups, from basic 32in and 37in 720p models to the 85in 1080p model, and including a special range designed for gamers.

The new models claim enhanced contrast ratios, faster response times and more inputs, and Sharp is also on the pace with some of the trends emerging at the show - internet TV and thinner display panels.

The SE84 flagship Aquos range has what the company calls Aquos Net capablity,able to stream TV from internet sources as well as allowing remote diagnosis of any problems. The system can also stream TV from sources elsewhere in the home, thanks to Powerline Communications adapters, streaming programmes and other information over the mains wiring.

In its technology showcase Sharp is exhibiting that massive 108in LCD, and also prototype models such as a 52in screen just 2.8cm deep, with a main display panel 2cm deep, yet offering a bright room contrast ratio of 3000:1 and power consumption half that of today's LCD screens.

Also new is a second-generation Blu-ray player, the Aquos BD-HP50U, which has Profile 1.1 support and AquosLink connection for single button operation via HDMI, a range of iPod dock systems and a novel system racck with 2.1-channel sound.



The Sharp BD-HP50U Blu-ray player is due to reach UK retailers in April or May of 2008, according to the helpful folk on the Sharp stand. There's no definite word on price yet, but expect it to be targeted at the entry level.

The first of many LCD families to hit these shores will be the D44 range, in 26", 32" and 37" guises. Due at around the same time as the new Blu-ray player, the D44s will all be 720p, HD-Ready resolution. The D44 will be the most affordable of the new Aquos ranges, but there're no firm prices so far.