If building a system of hi-fi separates sounds like too much hassle, then these compact all-in-one music systems could be the solution for you.

From compact systems for the bedroom or lounge, to multi-room systems capable of pumping music all around your house, we've selected four of the best hi-fi systems, whatever your budget.

Soundbars have replaced home cinema systems for many people in recent years due to their compact dimensions, and an all-in-one stereo system could do the same job for you.

Sure, a decent separates system will nearly always deliver better sound quality but there's real value, not to mention convenience, with a one-box solution, especially if you want more than a simple wireless speaker can offer.

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Best hi-fi system under £400
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Tested at £310

The best music system under £400 in our Awards 2014, Denon has unrivalled pedigree when it comes to micro hi-fi systems.

Now just over £300 - and available for around half that if you don't want the speakers - the DM39 has a CD player, Apple-approved USB input, DAB/FM tuner and a digital optical input.

There's no wireless internet connectivity but this Denon system can deliver pretty much anything else you'd want, and in fine style, thanks to a clear and detailed sound. 

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Best hi-fi system under £600
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Tested at £600

A cracking all-in-one streaming system from Cambridge Audio. Just add a stable Internet connection and a pair of quality speakers and you're in business.

The system comes pre-loaded with BBC iPlayer Radio, Pandora and Rhapsody, sports wireless aptX Bluetooth connectivity and has USB, coaxial digital and analogue inputs (RCA and 3.5mm).

There's support for hi-res audio (up to 24/96) and the on-board DAC is excellent.

All told, it's easy to use, nicely put together and delivers class-leading audio quality.

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Best hi-fi system under £1200
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Tested at £1150

Another award-winner, this Naim is an authentic hi-fi streamer, and a pretty compelling way to spend £1150.

We were already enamoured with the UnitiQute before this 2nd-gen product came through, and it's since had a 2015 update, too. And it's definitely an improved model. Only just, but enough. 

Capable of driving all sorts of speakers and getting the best out of them, offering a host of analogue and digital inputs, plus wireless and wired connectivity, it's a master of all two-channel trades and an ideal powerhouse for a 21st-century hi-fi system.

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Best premium hi-fi system
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Tested at £3000

A strong style statement from Cyrus and an even stronger sonic performance makes the Lyric 09 a must-audition at this end of the market. It’s a superb, high-end hi-fi system.

What does it do? Well there's a CD drive, something which Cyrus is rather famous for, wired, wireless and Bluetooth streaming, DAB/FM tuners, analogue, digital and USB connections - pretty much everything you'd want.

Sonically there's bags of detail, plus all the musicality and agility we've come to expect from Cyrus products. There's power, drive and plenty of muscle, too.

All-in-one systems can sometimes be a recipe for compromise, but the Lyric 09 is having none of that.

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