Panasonic Viera 2009 TV range: more prices and details emerge

23 Feb 2009

Panasonic TX-P42X10B
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More details and prices of Panasonic's 2009 Viera TV range have started to emerge, with UK prices revealed for some of the forthcoming Freesat models.

We've already reported on the first batch of new models, available to pre-order online for March delivery, and tomorrow we're flying out to Amsterdam to get an update on the rest of the range.

Initial indications are that the 2009 models, as with Sony, will be similarly priced to the 2008 models.

Here's what we know so far. We'll update with more information tomorrow as soon as we get it:


TX-P37X10 - £699
TX-P42X10 - £799 (read our exclusive review here)
TX-P50X10 - £999

Full HD (1920 x 1080)

TX-P42G10 - Freesat model - £1199
TX-P42G15 - Freesat model
TX-P42V10 - Freesat model

TX-P46G10 - Freesat model - £1399
TX-P46G15 - Freesat model

TX-P50G10 - Freesat model - £1549
TX-P50V10 - Freesat model


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Can you confirm if there is going to be a 37" Full HD plasma with the model number of TX-PF37X10. I have read about this else where. It seems unlikely, but this size would probably best suit my living room & full hd is a major plus.


Ah yes. Apologies. Thanks.

As we say above, the Panasonic range review (this includes Blu-ray players and home cinema systems as well as TVs) begins tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm mithering, I know. But any idea When you'll know more about prices and specs of their new BDPs? There's some kind of meeting with Panna Europe soon is'nt there?