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It might lack a hard disk, but this inexpensive streamer is more than decent considering the price
Simple menus
good price
good spec for the money
No hard disk
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If you already have a network attached storage (NAS) device you may well resent the idea of paying for a media streamer with a hard disk built-in.

If that's you, this disk-less ViewSonic may well be up your street.

The lack of a hard disk (and the low price tag) are evident in the lightweight feel of the unit, but it looks good and takes up very little space.

More importantly, other than the missing onboard storage, little in the way of specs has been sacrificed in order to keep the price down.

The ViewSonic matches the video format support of the more expensive players around, and like them will stretch to 1080p content.

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Good all-round performanceThere's nothing particularly attractive about the menus, but they're fairly easy to navigate.

Initial setup is a doddle, and the VMP72 easily found all our files. And the performance is very good. There's occasionally a touch of noise and there's some judder to motion, but colours are balanced and detail levels respectably high.

Certainly, for the money it's a good performer. It's a similar story with standard-definition. It's a little flat where sound is concerned, but decently detailed.

If you are concerned about the lack of a hard disk, you can always add an inexpensive USB drive. All in all, then, a decent streamer at the price.

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