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VPI launches HW-40 Anniversary Edition turntable

VPI launches HW-40 Anniversary Edition turntable

1978 was the year that Superman landed on the silver screen. It was also the year The Incredible Hulk TV series became a smash hit.

It also happens to be the year that turntable specialist VPI was born. Now if you do the math, you'll realise this makes 2018 the company's 40th year. To mark the special occasion, VPI has launched a brand new turntable, the HW-40 Anniversary Edition.

The turntable's retro looks are deliberate - VPI wanted the deck to be a nod back to its original designs.

It uses VPI's original high-efficiency and high-precision direct drive motor, and partners it with the latest in motion control circuitry and vibration and isolation technology.

The chassis is made from solid aluminium and boasts gloss wood sides - it's painted textured black and internally damped with a plate of MDF.

The HW-40 also comes with a 3D printed Fat-boy tonearm, removable platter, 33 and 45rpm control buttons and a removable, hinged dust cover.

Priced at a cool £15,000, the HW-40 isn't going to be suitable for all systems, but that doesn't mean we don't want to take it for a spin. Happy birthday, VPI!


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