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Virgin Media launches new BBC iPlayer app on TiVo

Virgin Media has today launched a new, upgraded app for BBC iPlayer on its flagship high-definition TiVo cable TV system.

It replaces the existing BBC iPlayer service on Virgin Media and can be found in the 'Apps and Games' section of the TiVo box's menu.

Taking advantage of the power to run dedicated 'connected' applications on the TiVo-powered set-top box, the new BBC iPlayer app offers the full library of BBC iPlayer content, including catch-up shows in high definition as well as radio shows for the first time.

There's around 1,000 hours of programming available (previously content was limited to 350 hours) to watch from the last seven days. Other new features include subtitling and signing, and additional functionality will be added in due course, says Virgin.

To find out more about Virgin TiVo, see our special blog. We'll have a full review of the system in our June issue of the magazine, on sale May 10th.

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