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Panasonic launches developer portal for Viera Connect apps

As promised during its European TV press event in Japan earlier this year, Panasonic has just launched a developer portal for its Viera Connect TV service.

The new site is designed to help third-party developers create content for the company's cloud-based TV service, which allows buyers of its sets to add apps to their TV via an internet connection.

Viera Connect was launched earlier this year, and runs on the company's Application Execution Engine. This allows apps to be streamed from the cloud when required, rather than having to be downloaded to the user's TV set.

As well as the streaming content available on other TVs, Viera Connect is already being used for communication between TV users, streaming selected content from providers including major US sports organisers, and providing marketplace services for the sale of accessories connected with apps or content.

For example, it's already possible for users in some markets to buy gaming accessories and keep fit/health equipment to be used in conjunction with various apps.

If you fancy having a crack at developing an app for the Viera community, you can find the developer portal here.

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