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NEWS: Sandisk lights fuse on MP3 range

Our invite for an exclusive one-to-one preview of Sandisk's latest MP3 player floated in to our email inbox this morning, so we can share with you a little information on the new Sansa Fuze player.

Being, believe it or not, the second largest player in the MP3 market – behind you know who – Sandisk knows a thing or two about MP3 players, so we have high hopes for the third addition to the Sansa range.

The full briefing will be on June 11th, when we'll have full details. For now, you'll have to make do with the basics (oh, and a gratuitous shot of a young lady's cleavage).

The Sansa Fuze will play music and video, as well as displaying images, and will also have an FM radio on board. We found fault with previous Sansa models' sound, so the "much improved sound quality" sounds promising.

We expect the Sansa Fuze to come in three memory sizes – 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. There will also be a microSD card slot for expanding your memory capacity.

The US market boasts the player in a range of five colours, so we'd expect to see the same on this side of the pond – let's hope the prices are as good, too, with the 4GB unit selling for $100.

That's all for now – look out for more details and pictures in ten days or so...

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