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NEWS: NAD returns to its hi-fi roots with £180 budget amplifier

NAD has a long tradition of making fine budget amplifiers, and its latest model - the £180 C315BEE - aims to build on the success first enjoyed by the legendary 3020 back in 1978.

With only slightly less power than its C325BEE sibling (40W per channel as opposed to 50W), NAD claims the C315 is not just a 'stripped down' version of the £250 C325. The new, cheaper model still has six line-level inputs, remote control, defeatable tone controls and a front panel input for a portable MP3 player.

Technical highlights include NAD's PowerDrive circuit designed to offer the high current drive needed to handle complex loudspeaker loads, combined with high levels of undistorted power, plus a generously-sized toroidal transformer and low ESR smoothing capacitors.

The NAD C315BEE is available now in traditional NAD grey or a new titanium finish.

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