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Musical Fidelity launches balanced headphone system

Musical Fidelity is bringing balanced connections, normally reserved for high-end AV products, to a more affordable headphone system.

The company cites the benefits of balanced connections as reduced noise and interference, and the ability to run the system as a dual mono design that doubles the power and halves the impedance.

Balanced cables also have a locking mechanism, making for a more secure connection than the standard line level connection.

Sonically, Musical Fidelity says the balanced system will deliver a smooth, fast and natural sound.

The MF200B headphones are based on the recently-launched MF200 headphones, sporting the same 40mm drivers and materials, but with the balanced connection and a cable running to both ears.

The V90-BHA headphone amplifier measures a compact 47x117x70mm (HWD) and offers balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs, plus balanced mini XLR and 3.5mm headphone outputs.

The amp is designed to run as a dual mono amplifier in balanced mode, and claims to offer high input impedance and low output impedance to enable it to drive a wide-range of headphones.

Available in May, the two components will be available separately at £250 each or as a pair for £450.

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