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MEElectronics unveils 'Ultimate Sound in Style' headphones

MEElectronics SP51P

MEElectronics has a brand new headphone range for the UK, consisting of an on-ear model and two in-ear offerings.

The HT-21 headphones are on-ear, closed-back designs, complete with swivelling, foldable ear cups and an adjustable headband. The HT-21 cans are £30.

Next in line are the M6 in-ears. Aimed at 'athletes, active people and joggers', the in-ears loop over your ears in an effort to give an extra degree of stability and selling for just £20.

Lastly, there are the SP51P in-ears, complete with inline microphone for hands-free talking on an iPhone or other mobile.

Interestingly, these in-ears come with a choice of three Sound Preference Series 'tuning ports'.

These ear buds allow you to alter the sonic character of the earphones, with 'enhanced bass', 'extreme bass' and 'balanced sound' as your options.

The SP51P earphones also promise 'passive noise cancellation', doing their best to isolate your music from exterior noise. They're £45.

All these MEElectronics headphones are available now from Advanced MP3 Players.

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