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Libratone announces TRACK+ wireless, noise-cancelling in-ears

Hoping to get noticed among Libratone’s colourful, woolly-covered speakers at its CES 2018 booth are the brand’s two new pairs of wireless buds.

The £169 TRACK+ feature four levels of adjustable noise-cancelling (which Libratone calls CityMix II) to block out external, unwanted sound at different intensities – just as with Libratone's Q Adapt In-Ear model.

Our experience of the noise-cancelling technology is positive - we find it sufficiently reducedsambient noise, so we've little reason to think it won't be as effective in the new pair too.

The TRACK+s’ splash-proof and weather-resistant design caters for fitness fans and UK residents, and will be available in black or white in the summer.

An “entry-level” TRACK version (without CityMix II) will also be available in the summer, and is not only lighter but more affordable too. It's priced at £120.


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