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Inside Sony Japan part 2 – exclusive Blu-ray system and stereo speaker previews

We're still deep in the development belly of Sony Tokyo, and have had a hands-on play with a couple of new products that you'll all be interested in...

First up is the BDV IT1000 home theatre system with Blu-ray (pictured above) - originally previewed as the 'Pocky' system at the IFA Show. It marks the first fully specified Blu-ray-in-a-box system from Sony and comes with a full 5.1 speaker set-up.

The first thing you'll notice are the very thin speakers with a small wireless box for the rears. Barely an inch across and standing tall, each speaker (sub apart) stands tall and is designed for the more style and space conscious person, according to Sony. The speakers can be wall mounted, stand as they are or be cut down in size to stand on a rack beside a TV. Setting up the system is simple and the BD player has the familiar fascia of the S500 and is based on a S550 spec.

The BDV IT1000 launches next month and is expected to cost around £1500. Sony are keen to stress that all stands, leads and brackets are included in the pack, allowing you to set-up the system with minimal fuss and at no extra cost. We've had a play and first signs are impressive and you can expect the full review very soon – read it here before anyone else...

Next, it's a pair of colossal piano black floorstanders (below) which show Sony getting back into the speaker market. A UK release is being considered as we speak and the speakers themselves are the $16000 SS AR1s. You can currently buy them in Japan, along with a specially signed gift statue by the engineer.

The central premise is to bring concert hall 'feel and emotion' to the home, according to Sony. We'll test the AR1s next month, but – as you can see – they certainly look the part. If size is an issue, a smaller, $12000 pair (AR2s) are due for release next month in Japan.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're just heading into a secure room at Sony HQ which houses every Walkman ever invented.

Stay tuned for more Sony news over the weekend...