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Flatscreen TVs dramatically improve energy efficiency, report finds

New-gen TVs use less energy

Flatscreen TVs are now 60% more energy efficient than they were five years ago, acccording to the latest research from Sust-It, the energy efficiency website for electrical goods.

Early plasma and LCD screens weren't exactly cheap to run. Sust-It reckons a 42in plasma would have cost nearly £80 a year to run (at today's prices) in 2006, whereas a 2011 equivalent uses nearly six times less energy, produces 265Kg less carbon and costs only £13.76 a year to run.

Sust-it used its extensive energy usage data to compare the running costs of 1,800 televisions and found that between October 2006 and July 2011, there has been a substantial decrease in the average amount of energy flatscreen TV’s are using.

However, Ross Lammas from Sust-it did add a cautionary note by saying: “While we welcome the reduction in energy consumption of TVs, consumers need to be wary of old energy-hungry plasma models, which are still available and will be difficult to spot until new energy labels for TV’s become mandatory in December 2011. My advice is go for an LED model.”

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