Emotiva ‘Differential Reference’ power amps now available in the UK

US brand Emotiva is to launch its range of power amplifiers in the UK market, including the XPA-DR1, XPA-DR2 and XPA-DR3 models.

These employ the company's Differential Reference amplifier modules, featuring the same circuit topology as its top-of-the-line X Series power amps.

The modules come in pairs to deliver balanced amplification to each channel, and are fed by a power supply that Emotiva claims can deliver over 3kW of continuous power.

The amps’ Class A/B output stages use Emotiva’s 'soft-switch' Class H topology for improved power efficiency. They operate on a low supply voltage to minimise power consumption, switching to a higher voltage when required.

The Emotiva XPA-DR1 mono amp delivers 650W into 8 ohms, the stereo Emotiva XPA-DR2 550W into 8 ohms and the three-channel Emotiva XPA-DR3 450W RMS into 8 ohms.

All models feature a steel chassis, with a milled aluminium faceplate with a blue LED display.

The Emotiva XPA-DR1 (£1300), Emotiva XPA-DR2 (£1750) and Emotiva XPA-DR3 (£2150) are available now.


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