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Clearaudio upgrades Performance turntable to SE status

Clearaudio Performance SE

Clearaudio has upgraded its Performance turntable and added the SE suffix to its name.

It gets a new chassis made from high-density fibreboard wrapped within an aluminium frame, and sandwiched between two layers of aluminium.

The main bearing shaft of the Performance SE is machined from a new ceramic alloy, allowing "a much finer polished surface" than was previously possible, its maker claims.

As the bearing does not use a ball bearing or a thrust pad, it avoids any point of load to help eliminate friction, wear and noise.

The separate motor is isolated from the chassis, driving the 40mm thick GS-PMMA acrylic platter via a Clearaudio 'silent belt'.

The Performance SE is fitted with Clearaudio's Satisfy Carbon Directwire tonearm, and a Maestro Wood moving magnet cartridge.

You can buy the complete package for £2630, or each item individually: Clearaudio Performance SE turntable £1400; Satisfy CA DW tonearm £1005; and Maestro MM cartridge £750.

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