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Blue launches Mo-Fi headphones with built-in "audiophile amplifier"

A built-in "audiophile amplifier with ultra-premium drivers" has been used in the creation of these latest cans, and Blue claims to have established a brand-new hi-fi market segment: "powered headphones".

Mo-Fi will be "available soon" from Amazon and a number of other UK retailers at a price of £275, with its built-in amplifiers offering "six times more power than typical mobile devices" in conjunction with the 5cm drivers.

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There are three amp settings to customize the listening experience – On, On+ and Off. On activates the amp to offer "powerful, detailed sound", with On+ bringing an analogue low-frequency enhancement circuit into play.

Off is said to put Mo-Fi into passive mode for connections to home receivers that may already offer high-output amplification for headphones.

Meanwhile, the multi-jointed headband and earcups have been developed "from the ground up" in an attempt to move away from traditional headphone design and provide a fully-functional, comfortable design.

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Blue CEO John Maier said: "Until now, the only way to get a high-fidelity experience was to use expensive audiophile headphones tethered to a bulky amplifier - not the way most of us want to listen.

"Mo-Fi changes all that, with a built-in audiophile amplifier that delivers the power and quality of a hi-fi system - inside your headphones. With Mo-Fi, we’ve brought a high-end listening experience to the mobile world we all live in.

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