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Best of the Week: Sony KD-65A1 4K TV, KEF Q350 speaker package, What Hi-Fi? Awards 2017 and more

This week we have Loewe's announcement of Bild 3 "entry-level" TV range, Microsoft effectively discontinued its Windows Phone platform and Libratone introduced two new USB-C headphones that will work with Google's Pixel 2 range of smartphones.

Review-wise it was a stellar week, with Sony's KD-65A1 4K TV receiving plenty of plaudits, as well as Cowon's Plenue D portable music player and KEF's Q350 5.1 speaker package.

Also this week, we announced our 2017 Awards winners. Visit our special What Hi-Fi? Awards site to see which products won in each category. But for the winners of our Product of the Year Awards, you'll have to wait until we announce them on 15th November.


Loewe’s Bild 3 range of 4K TVs mixes LCD and OLED models

Loewe's Bild 3 range is the German manufacturer's 'entry-level' range of TVs, made up of LCD and OLED models.

The 43in and 49in LCDs have support for HDR 10 and Hybrid Log Gamma, while the 55in adds Dolby Vision HDR into the mix. All three come with an integrated 80W soundbar.

Available in two different finishes, the 43in model costs £1690, the 49in £2090 and the 55in £2790.

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No new hardware for Windows Phone, admits Microsoft Vice President

Windows Phone platform will no longer receive new features or updates by Microsoft, apart from security patches.

Microsoft's vice-president Joe Belfiore admitted that the number of users was too low to continue investment in the platform.

It's likely Microsoft will switch to Android, offering a launcher that comes with its own preloaded software.

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Libratone launches Google-certified USB-C and wireless headphones

Libratone's Q-Adapt In-Ear USB-C and Q-Adapt on-ear MfG wireless headphones have been designed with the new Google Pixel 2 smartphones in mind.

They feature an adjustable noise cancellation feature called CityMix, which allows users to tune the headphones according to their surroundings.

Both models will be available in Europe from the start of November.

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Sony KD-65A1

We were very much fans of the OLED A1 in its 55in size, and the 65in version is more of the same.

The bigger screen helps enhance its great qualities. Black performance is typically inky, while colour, motion and sharpness are spot on. Even the sound is above average for the typical flatscreen.

It may be the finest TV that money can currently buy, so long as you have £4500 in your pocket.

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Cowon Plenue D

Anyone looking for a simple, relatively cheap portable music player should give the Plenue D more than just a glancing look.

Despite the budget price, this is a high-quality player with a punchy bass, insightful midrange and solid control over tonal balance. It's easily better than a smartphone sound.

If you're not looking to break the bank, this comes highly recommended.

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KEF Q350 AV 5.1

We were already familiar with the KEF Q350s, so the only question is whether they work as well in a 5.1 speaker package - and they do.

While they take up a bit of space, the speaker package's bold and powerful performance is a thoroughly enjoyable one.

The centre speaker lacks a little expression at lower volumes, but aside from that, this is a talented performer.

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