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AIAIAI launches TMA-2 Modular headphones

AIAIAI is no stranger to eye-catching designs for its headphones and the TMA-2 Modular system takes things a step further - handing over the final design to the user.

The TMA-2 Modular system allows you to build your own headphones by picking your choice of components from the 18 different modules available.

There's a choice of three headbands, two earpads, six cables and four speaker units, together making for 360 different combinations.

Of course, should one of the elements of your headphones break, the modular system should allow you to cost effictively replace the component rather than the headphones themselves.

Each component has a different price, and also a different fit, style or sound character.

The different speaker units, for example, include options offering "a balanced sound suitable for all genres" to a "full and rich sound".

Play around with the AIAIAI configurator to build your own pair and the website will report back on how it thinks the headphones will sound.

All too much like hard work? AIAIA has put together four 'presets' from the new TMA-2 components, with prices ranging from 145 to 260 euros.

The company has also collaborated with a number of musicians, each of whom has built their own set of modular earphones. Artists involved include Bonobo, Lone and RL Grime.

Head over to the AIAIAI website to learn more about the TMA-2 Modular headphone system.

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