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Cyrus 8 Power review

The 8 Power amp brings extra breadth and depth to the musical mix Tested at £850

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

With the Pre vs2 and the PSX-R power supply, this power amp's performance is magical.


  • Thrillingly fast, detailed and expressive sound


  • Low end might be a tad too lean for some

When we tested this amp – with its partnering siblings, the Pre vs2 preamp and the PSX-R off-board power supply – what we weren't anticipating was the extra breadth and depth the 8 Power brought to the mix.

The 8 Power has a bottom end that enjoys the sort of solidity and authority that some recent Cyrus amplification has lacked.

The combination of rock-solid, taut, well-modulated low frequencies and dynamic fleet-footedness is thrilling. Add in a plausible soundstage, fanatical attention to transients and a beautifully neutral midrange, and you've an endlessly entertaining amp.

Sure, when you put all three components into a single, three-box combo, it looks a bit of an oddball set-up. But the Cyrus three-way has a long list of talents, and its short-comings are few (our biggest gripe is the length of time it has to be run before sounding its best).

In any case, the 8 Power's contribution is huge: it really is a fine power amplifier.

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