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Archos Archos 605 WiFi review

A long haul flight with this would be a joy Tested at £299.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The PC peripheral finally hits the mainstream with this easy-to-use touchscreen device offering loads of extras


  • Capacious storage
  • top-drawer video
  • bags of features


  • Quite large
  • still not very pretty

Archos has worked hard to ensure this new player looks less like a PC peripheral than previous offerings. Even so, the 605 still comes across a bit like a computer add-on: a dull, silver rectangle with an LCD screen.

The user interface has also been tweaked, and the combination of on-screen pushes and a selection of responsive buttons makes the 605 reasonably easy to use.

Archos allows you to take the long way home
A valuable addition to Archos' repertoire is Wi-Fi, and while the storage on offer here is 30GB, there are also 80GB and 160GB versions available.

With video, colours are natural and vivid and even fast-paced action doesn't blur. The 4.3in screen also makes it ideal for longer viewing sessions; while you might struggle to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy on some rivals, you could wile away a long-haul flight to Oz with this baby.

It might not be as pocketable as some here, but its excellent storage and top video performance make the Archos 605 a great purchase.