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Sennheiser PX360 BT review

Luxuriantly appointed and complete with surround mode and apt-x embellishments, Sennheiser's PX360-BT's aren't cheap, but they're worth it Tested at £299.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Luxuriant and exciting, these Bluetooth headphones more than justify their price


  • Comfy
  • good noise isolation
  • insightful, clear sound


  • Surround option loses focus

These are the most luxuriant in Sennheiser's apt-X compatible range of Bluetooth offerings: bigger, comfier, with better noise-isolating.

You also get its SRS surround mode; this spreads the sound but loses focus and punch.

Otherwise, these cans are exciting, insightful and clear.

The addition of an optional apt-X dongle improves things: treble frequencies are smoothed out, while lows are tightened, making for a more agile, musical sound.

Standard control and compatibility options complete a headphone that justifies its price.

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