• RHA CA-200
Our Verdict 
We’ve enjoyed previous RHAs, but these aren’t the company’s finest moment
Light and comfortable to wear
dynamic, punchy presentation
Lack definition and detail in the midrange
spiky treble frequencies
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There's a lot to like about the RHA CA-200s. For starters, at just 166 grams they're very light by the standards of over-ear headphones.

A combination of RHA's 'ergofit' tech (basically earcups that articulate on their sliding ball-and-socket mechanism plenty more than most rival designs) and soft, pliant ear-pads mean it's easy to get a comfortable fit around your ears.

And while having both earcups wired isn't the last word in ergonomic sophistication, the braided cable resists tangling well and is detachable should that nevertheless occur. Sound falls a little flatConspicuous by its absence from that list of plus points is sound quality.

An easy-going recording like Amy Winehouse's A Song For You served up as an uncompressed FLAC file sounds just a little muddy and indistinct in the CA-200s' hands.

Low frequencies are a touch hazy and ill-defined, while the midrange gives away too much fine detail to paint a complete picture.

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At the top, treble bites a bit more fiercely than it should.

Given these shortcomings, the RHAs' dynamic prowess and punch are scant-ish consolations.

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