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Now a serious rival to the Logitech Harmony One
Support for user profiles
can control 18 devices
vastly improved software
Nothing much, now the bugs have been ironed out
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Logitech's Harmony range revolutionised the universal remote. It signalled the end of painstakingly teaching every IR command you send to your system to a single remote, and heralded the era of intelligent, computer-based configuration of your devices and activities.

Now One For All, established purveyor of the old type of universal remote, is aiming to take down the Harmony One.

Like the One, the Touch has a web-based configurator, so a large degree of its success must be dictated by the quality of its software.

When we first tested the Touch in 2009, we found numerous problems with the software and awarded the device a paltry two stars. It was buggy as hell.

However, since then One-For-All has updated the software and the result is a massive improvement.

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Teaching the touchscreen controller to set up activities with multiple componnents is a breeze, finally making it a serious rival for the Harmony One. Hence an upgrade to five stars.

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