Our Verdict 
Despite the new software, we found this One For All to be too cumbersome for our liking
New software
profile creation
language bugs sorted out
Cumbersome and fiddly to use
lacks intelligence
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One For All's new range is dubbed XSight, but it got off to a rocky start with our two-star review of the range-topping Touch last month.

Thankfully, the peculiar language bugs we encountered previously are absent when we setup the Colour, but it's still a very cumbersome process, whether you use the PC software or on-remote guide, requiring lots of trial-and-error, and lacking the intelligence of the Logitechs when it comes to creating activities and working out what inputs your equipment has.

The lack of a touchscreen and cradle isn't terminal, but doesn't help, and the extra customisation and profile creation added with the new software, though neat, isn't a deal-maker.