Yamaha DSP-AX863SE
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DSP-AX863SE amplifier down by £200, and up to £300 off all-in-one home cinema Sound Projectors

In a move likely to make some waves in the highly competitive home cinema market, Yamaha has annouced a range of price-cuts designed to make some of its leading products better value.

Two of its AV amplifiers, the DSP-AX863SE and DSP-AX763, are reduced, along with three of the company's all-in-one Sound Projector speaker systems.

The DSP-AX863SE (illustrated) falls £200 to £599.95, while there's £100 off the DSP-AX763, bringing it down to £399.95.

The biggest cut of all comes on the YSP-40D Sound Projector system, which is down £300 to £899.95, while there's £200 off the YSP-30D, making it £599.95, and the YSP-60 is £100 less, at £399.95.

All the price changes took effect from September 1st.