The world now has a limited edition Frank Zappa-themed vinyl console

The vinyl revival has inspired some rather eccentric turntable-based systems, from the Sonos-supporting Wrensilva Loft to the Globe-Trotter X Analogue Foundation hi-fi-system-cum-cocktail-cabinet.

The latest invention we’ve come across: the rather uncatchy-named ‘SSKL Soundwave, FZ Limited Edition’, a luxury vinyl console born out of a collaboration between the Frank Zappa Estate and a luxury design company called LUNO that actually has several vinyl consoles to speak of.

The console, which is made out of American walnut and decorated with a brass soundwave from Zappa’s Sofa No. 1, features Pro-Ject’s Esprit SB turntable, an unspecified ‘2.1 speaker system’ with a 100-watt subwoofer, two aux inputs for hooking up audio devices, and AirPlay connectivity for streaming from Apple devices.

The console's bonus material? A selection of vinyl recordings from Zappa’s catalogue, a pull-out minibar with Zappa-themed whiskey glasses, a storage cabinet for 150 records, and a Groovewasher record cleaning kit.

Only 10 will be available for purchase - each comes with a signed, numbered and dated certificate of authenticity - and we doubt it’ll be cheepnis (ahem) considering pricing information is upon inquiry only. But hey, it's OK to want what we can't have.


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Becky Roberts

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