Wilson Audio Yvette brings top-end tech to a more compact speaker

Who's this lurking in the corner of the room? No, it's not a baddie from a 1970s episode of Doctor Who, it's Yvette, the latest speaker from Wilson Audio.

Yvette takes some of the same technology as found in Wilson Audio's top-end Alexx and Alexia speakers and packs it into a more compact and more affordable package. If £28,880 a pair can ever be called affordable, that is.

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It's the most advanced and musically-refined single-enclosure speaker Wilson Audio has ever produced. The enclosure is made from extremely well-damped and inert composites that Wilson Audio calls X-Material and S-Material. This has been extensively braced and precisely shaped for fully optimised alignment of the drive units, giving "unparalleled time coherence for single-enclosure design".

Or so Wilson claims. We'll have to see when we get it in our test rooms.

Inside the enclosure are three new-generation Wilson drive units: a 10in bass driver, 7in midrange driver and the latest MkII version of the Wilson Convergent Synergy Tweeter.

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Behind the rear panel sits Wilson's newly enhanced resistor tuning system.

Each speaker is handmade in Utah, USA, and finished in Wilson's automotive-class paint facility to each customer's colour requirements.

In the UK, they will be sold through Absolute Sounds.

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