Waterloo sunset for Samsung MP3 player

Samsung today unveiled its latest attempt to take on the iPod (and the new Sony Walkman). The venue for the launch event was the London Eye and, get this, the band (or man) doing an acoustic was Get Cape,Wear Cape, Fly (pictured below). See what they did there?

The new MP3 player is called the Q1 Diamond and comes in 4GB to 16GB models, all boasting FM radio, BBC iPlayer compatibility, voice recording and a 2.4inch screen. Samsung have also added DNse 3.0, an audio upscaler which is claimed to ‘restore a missing sound range’ adjusting the EQ depending on the type of music being played.

The sleek black unit plays FLAC, MP3, WMV, OGG and MPEG4 files and if you want to know how it fares against the iPod Nano and Sony Walkman (plus other rivals), you can read a round up of MP3 players in the next issue, out Thursday Dec 11th.

We’ll update you with release and price details as soon asthey become available. Meanwhile, if you actually wonder what Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly sound like, you can hear them by clicking here.