Watching this folding TV in action will make you question your life choices

Watching this folding TV in action will make you question your life choices
(Image credit: C Seed)

We're not trying to make you feel bad or anything, but do you have a folding TV? If not, why not? And if you thought you didn't need one, watch this video and think again.

See. How did you ever get by without one?

Like the M1 that came before it, the C Seed N1 uses a massive MicroLED screen – in this case, it comes in three sizes: 165 inches, 137 inches and the baby of the bunch, a mere 103 inches. Its screen can rotate 180 degrees left and right, and when you're done with your evening's viewing, it folds back down ready to spring into action.

It's a 4K screen, with HDR10+ support. And if you're worried about great sections of the picture disappearing into the seams where it folds, don't. "Adaptive Gap Calibration" means it should appear as one seamless panel.

It also has two 100-watt speakers built-in.

C Seed was founded in 2009 with the help of two ex-Bang & Olufsen managers. The firm specialises in ridiculous TVs like this, as well as outdoor sets and those for marine applications, so it has some serious televisual chops.

The N1 costs €180,000 (about £150,000, $184,000, AU$270,000), which is exactly what most people need amid a cost-of-living crisis. Can't afford one? Poor you – where did it all go wrong?


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    I doubt you'd be able to have a TV dinner in front of the first one - not if you wanted to keep it down, anyway...
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    lets invent things people have no need for. What about a TV company that lets us turn off parts of the TV when we are watching news or loose woman and its not desirable to have those faces 60" i'd prefer them at 10 inches in the bottom corner. It would save energy and i'd have less scares.