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Want a budget soundbar for your TV? JBL's Bar Studio is less than half price

JBL's excellent Bar Studio budget soundbar is now less than half price
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If your idea of a soundbar is simply an improvement on your TV speakers, the JBL Bar Studio represents a fine budget upgrade. That's what we concluded when reviewing the compact soundbar at £150. Now that you can pick it up for just £70, however, the Bar Studio goes from a solid option to a highly recommendable one.

The BT Shop is currently selling the JBL Bar Studio for just £69.99, offering a 53 per cent saving of the original price to those who are quick enough to snap it up while stocks last.

JBL Bar Studio soundbar £150 £70 at The BT Shop
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Its scale still isn’t enough to fill much more than a small to medium-sized living room, and you won't want to push the volume too high, but the Studio’s performance will certainly be an upgrade on most people’s televisions. It's not bereft of bass, offering a punchy and relatively rich sound.

The Studio is easy to accommodate, too. At around 60cm in length and just under 6cm in height, it will slot under most suitably sized TVs without appearing undernourished, and has been crafted to JBL’s usual high standards of quality and aesthetic modernity. As for connections, there's the generous choice of both HDMI ARC (not a given at this price) and optical connections, as well as Bluetooth.

You can't ask for much more from a budget soundbar. If you're looking for something compact and easy to house that will improve dialogue and general TV sound, the JBL Bar Studio, at just £70, should be just the trick.


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