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Goofy gets to grips with TV and multichannel sound system calibration

On the way from Disney Home Entertainment is the Disney WOW World of Wonder Disc, providing a complete suite of tools for TV and multichannel audio set-up.

It will be available in the States from November 2, and has been designed for a range of knowledge levels from beginner to expert: at the simple level are basic set-up tools for all kinds of displays from CRTs to flatscreens and projectors, plus sound systems from stereo to 7.1-channel.

Hosted by Goofy, these are designed to help users set-up their systems through on-screen menus.

Meanwhile the advanced section will cover professional evaluation and calibration tasks, along with sections designed to help users understand the various factors affecting TV and audio system performance.

Disney says the disc has been designed to meet or exceed the Digital Reference Standard for HD picture and sound, and it comes with a 56-page manual going into the subject and offering step-by-step instructions.

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Other tools include a Pixel Flipper to address burn-in and stuck pixels, a Video Encoder Stress Test and Viewing Angle Diagnostics.

The disc will be available in both Blu-ray and DVD forms, and will include test scenes from Disney movies including Toy Story, UP, Bolt and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In addition there will be a two-disc pack combining the WOW Disc with an exclusive disc called Visions: Inspired by Nature, which mixes 'natural and digitally created landscapes with original music scores and ambient sounds.'

There will also be various bundles available, combining the WOW Disc with various Disney movies and a high performance HDMI cable.

UK release information is not yet available.

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