UPDATED: Tesco's Technika 8320HD Freeview+ HD PVR set-top box gets another software fix

Updated 22/06/10

Technika has released another software update for its SmartBox 8320HD, v4.7.48-16, which can be found on the Fetch TV website.

This latest fix addresses the following issues:

1) Pause key allows video to be paused

2) PiP key shows last viewed channel and allows switching back to it

3) Improvements to recordings management and playback when handling multiple recordings

4) New "recordings to do" list to list upcoming scheduled recordings and series linking

5) The issue of loss of audio while playing back recorded or time-shifted programmes will be resolved

6) OK key shows Info bar rather than toggle to pause play

Published 18/06/10

Tesco's £200 Freeview+ HD PVR, the Technika SmartBox 8320HD, is back on sale today after being withdrawn due to technical problems (outlined below).

Tesco is running newspaper ads in The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun and Daily Star today promoting the device, as well as its £100 Technika Freeview HD receiver (without recorder).

Both models are available in Tesco Extra stores and online at Tesco Direct.

Published 10/06/10

It's turning into a bit of a saga, this. No sooner had we published details of the new Technica SmartBox 8320HD on sale at Tesco, than reports started to filter through of some technical bugs as outlined below.

A software upgrade was released on June 9, but although that fixed some of the problems, it didn't fix all of them, as you can read in this thread on our Forums.

The good news is that we've just had it confirmed that a second firmware upgrade will be issued 'within the next 48 hours'. As before, details will be published on the Fetch TV website.

As for stock availability, we're also told more boxes are on the way and should be on sale by next week. We've put in a call to Tesco HQ for further clarification.

Published 06/06/10

Some of our users have reported problems with HD audio playback on their Technika SmartBox, as you can read in the comments on our original story below.

Fetch TV has confirmed on its website that a software update v4.7.48-9 will be issued for the Technika SmartBox on June 9th to overcome three issues affecting some users:

1) The loss of audio while playing back recorded HD programmes or timeshifted HD programmes.

2) When the SmartBox is in lower-power standby, the internal fan will be stopped.

3) An issue with the remote control sensitivity (auto repeat is too quick)

If your SmartBox 8320HD is connected to the internet, you should see the "SW.UPGRADE" menu item when you press Menu. If you don't see it, restart your SmartBox and wait two minutes, and then it should appear.

Published 03/06/10

From today you'll be able to pop down to your local Tesco Extra, or visit the Tesco Direct website, and buy a Technika SmartBox 8320HD Freeview+ HD PVR with 320GB hard drive for £200.

It gives access to high-definition programming on BBC HD, ITV1 HD, Channel Four HD and S4C in Wales.

And that's not all. The Technika SmartBox can also access 2000 hours of on-demand programmes from IP Vision's Fetch TV service when it's connected via broadband to the web.

As well as working with the BBC iPlayer, users can also subscribe to Sky Player to access paid-for Sky TV content including Sky Movies and Sky Sports.

Live broadcast Sky channels can be accessed by subscribing for a minimum of 30 days, or longer of required. Pay-per-view content does not require a minimum subscription period.

IP Vision says this is the first time paid-for Sky content has been made available via a Freeview+ HD set-top box.

What's more, the box will act as a media centre to deliver music, films and photographs from other networked storage devices wirelessly to your TV.

Matt Finch, Tesco's senior commercial manager, says: "We are offering customers a fantastic range of deals on entertainment systems ahead of the World Cup.

"Tesco is continually developing its electrical offering and the launch of the first Technika Freeview+ HD SmartBox at only £200 shows we are able to offer our customers the latest and best in technology at affordable prices."

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