UPDATE: Spotify now available on Sonos with software 3.3 upgrade

Spotify on sonos

From today, Sonos owners will be able to access more than 10 million songs from Spotify and wirelessly stream them around their homes.

The Sonos System Software 3.3 update brings the full Spotify library to Sonos, andalso supports AAC radio stations.

iPad owners get the added advantage of being able to control their Sonos systems and Spotify tracks using the new Sonos Controller for iPad app, now available for free from the Apple App Store.

"Spotify on Sonos provides music lovers with an extraordinary music experience for any room in the home," says Sonos CEO John MacFarlane.

Spotify for Sonos is available in the UK, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden.It requires a Spotify Premium subscription, costing £9.99 per month.

Published 02.09.10

Fancy listening to your choice of over eight million songs, in any room in your house, wirelessly? Of course you do. And from the end of September, you can – provided you're a Sonos owner and a Spotify Premium subscriber.

The free Sonos Software 3.3 update is scheduled for the end of this month, after which anyone with a Sonos Zoneplayer, a Sonos controller (such as the swish new free iPhone and iPad applications) and a Spotify Premium account can play any song in any room, any time they like.

If you use the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 (two of which can now be configured as a stereo pair as well as two separate zones), you'll need no ‘traditional' hi-fi equipment at all – your S5, Controller and Spotify account gives you wireless access to over thirty year's-worth of uninterrupted listening.

As well as the UK, the Sonos/Spotify tie-in will be available to users in Finland, France, Holland, Norway, Spain and Sweden. See the Sonos video demonstration here.

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