UPDATE: Humax releases fix for recording bug on Freesat+ boxes

Update 30.07.12

Humax has released a fix for the bug affecting the company's Freesat+ boxes. An update to your box can be done manually now or it will be automatically applied around 3am tonight.

Humax has released a statement, detailed below:

Freesat are delighted to say that Humax have found a fix for the recording bug. A software update has been sent to boxes via an OAD (over-air-download).

All Humax freesat+ boxes left in standby will automatically update overnight (around 3am), so don’t power off tonight. Once the update has finished, you should be able to record the 24 BBC Olympic channels (151 – 174) from the EPG as usual.

If our viewers want to update the box earlier, they can manually upgrade using the box Menu, Setup, Software Update and selecting Automatic Update.

Freesat are really grateful to Humax who have really pulled out all the stops to find and issue the fix as quickly as possible.

Update 27.07.12

Contrary to reports yesterday that it wouldn't be possible to fix the recording bug on Humax Freesat+ set-top boxes in time for the Olympics, Humax UK has this afternoon issued a statement on its Facebook page saying it may have found a solution to the problem.

The company says: "We've been working on a fix around the recording for the extra Olympic channels on Freesat and have developed a software update.

"Early tests indicate this is working and it is looking positive that we can get this fixed. Testing continues this afternoon and we will post on Facebook as soon as we know we can make the software available."

Published 26.07.12

With just one day to go before the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, a significant number of Freesat+ users are going to find they can't record sport on any of the extra 24 Olympic Channels being operated by the BBC.

The problem affects the Humax Foxsat-HDR, which will record content on BBC One and BBC Three, but not any of the extra channels (although viewers can still watch them).

Freesat says it's been working with the BBC and Humax to solve the problem, but admitted today that 'We've been urgently trying to find a fix for the recording bug but… Humax can't currently fix the bug that prevents recording of the 24 Olympic channels on their Freesat+ box'.

This came to light when users tried to rewind and watch again part of last night's opening football matches, and contacted Freesat to ask whether the special Olympic Channels were blocked in some way.

Freesat responded with the information that a solution was being sought, but today admitted that 'We've tried really hard with Humax to sort this out. You can record from BBC One and BBC Three, and all other Freesat+ boxes can record [the] 24 streams.'

In a statement to the joinfreesat.co.uk website, Freesat MD Emma Scott (left) said: 'Unfortunately the Humax receivers can’t record the Olympics – we’ve been working with Humax and the BBC on this since the streams went live on Tuesday and no fix can be made.

'It’s a Humax receiver issue and it’s very frustrating for both Freesat and Humax. All other Freesat+ boxes can record the 24 streams.

'We’ve just concluded in the last hour that we can’t resolve the issue without further investigation by Humax. We at Freesat now need to ensure that the platform is as stable as possible during this important summer of sport, so we regretfully have to accept we can’t resolve this for the Olympic period.

'However frustrating this clearly may be for viewers, we’re hopeful that the option of having the 24 streams available in the first place will be some consolation.'

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