UK launch for oBravo's high-end HAMT-1 headphones

The term "unique" often pops up in reference to new products, but the company believes these two-way coaxial headphones justify the tag, due to their fully patented AMT driver technology.

AMT stands for Air Motion Transformer - where the loudspeaker driver moves air using a folded diaphragm, built around a series of aluminium struts inside a "high-intensity" magnetic field.

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Once the signal has passed through these struts, the diaphragm moves back and forth, (imagine an accordion's action), pumping air through the chambers.

This results in a dipole driver that oBravo claims to have an "extraordinarily rapid response rate", with the diaphragm covering less distance than a dynamic driver with a traditional cone.

oBravo also says that a standard 25mm AMT strip is comparable to a 20cm circular dynamic cone in terms of its functional driver area, with the aim of delivering a fully immersive experience.

The exterior of the HAMT-1s is built using a combination of aluminium, wood and leather and you'll be able to get your hands on a pair of HAMT-1s through Absolute Sounds.

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