The Toc vertical record player lets you skip tracks via remote control

The Toc vertical record player uses a linear tracking system with a digital sensor, rather than the traditional method of dropping a stylus (watch vinyl being played close up in this video).

The digital sensor means it can skip between tracks, either via remote control or LED touch buttons on the front panel.

And if you have any warped records that won't play on a normal turntable, don't discard them just yet - the Toc's special spherical bearings mean that old or damaged vinyl can be listened to without interference.

Designed to be as much a work of art as it is a record player, the Toc features a computer numeral control-cut walnut wood front panel, as well as a striking vertical design.

Unfortunately, it’s just a project of Roy’s at the moment, with no word on pricing or availability. However, we will keep this page updated as and when we hear anything.

Source: Design Boom via The Vinyl Factory

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