Three new Ambisound soundbars and a 2.1-system announced by Philips


The HTS8140 and HTS8150 are designed for 42in TVs, while the HTS6100 is the first model aimed at 32in sets. Also on the roster is the more traditional HTS6515 system (pictured above) with stereo speakers and subwoofer.

All the new products feature the latest 'Design Collection' styling, which from the look of the pictures means they're curvy in all the right places and decidedly easy on the eye.

The soundbars feature revised drivers and processing software, as well as DVD players with 1080p-upscaling. The HTS8140 and HTS8150 feature Faroudja DCDi image processing, too.

According to our details, all the soundbars feature two 1in tweeters and six 2.5in full range woofers, plus a separate 6.5in subwoofer.

Elsewhere there are USB 2.0 connections, for viewing movies and images or listening to music, as well as a line-in input for portable music players. The HTS8140 and HTS8150 also include iPod docks, which is nice.

Last but far from least is the HTS6516 2.1 system. Again there's an upscaling 1080p DVD player, two smart stereo speakers, a sub and USB 2.0 and line-in connections.

All models are due out in August, except the HTS8150 due out a month later. The HTS6515 will set you back £399, the HTS6100 £499, the HTS8140 £749 and the HTS8150 £749. (From what we can discern, the difference is that the HTS8150 has a silver finish.)

Look out for more news, and reviews, over the next few weeks.