TechniSat AirStar TeleStick 2
TechniSat AirStar TeleStick 2 enables Freeview TV viewing on a PC or laptop

If you want to watch Freeview TV on your PC or laptop, check out the new AirStar TeleStick 2 from TechniSat.

It's a DVB-T USB stick that includes red button services when used with Windows 7. And it can act as a personal video recorder (PVR) by recording TV shows or radio programmes to your computer's hard disk.

TechniSat says the AirStar TeleStick 2 is designed to work with Windows Media Centre. It's also supplied with its own DVBViewer T2 software for use with other versions of Windows.

The device is powered from the USB socket on a PC and comes with an antenna and remote control. It costs around £40.

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