It looks like the more affordable new Technics turntable could still be out of the price range of many people, let alone DJs...

Once again, there is much excitement about a Technics turntable. But once again we're in the dark about the price and release date. 

We know Technics is releasing a new SL-1200GR turntable, and it's a scaled-down version of last year's SL-1200G. It should also be cheaper - but still, it turns out, not exactly cheap.

A Technics spokesman has told What Hi-Fi? that the SL-1200GR is expected to be "around $2000" when it goes on sale in June, though it was reiterated that this was not a final confirmed price.

If the same applies in the UK it would translate to around £1400 or £1500, bearing in mind the SL-1200G was launched at £2799 but is now more like £3000. That said, second-guessing US to UK prices can often end in tears...

Gizmodo had previously revealed the SL-1200GR price was set to be CAD$2300, which does indeed work out at around $2000 USD. That's half the price of last year's model in the US.

Technics refers to the GR as the standard model, and the G as the reference model, having told us last year that it was indeed working on a cheaper model of the G. 

The 1200G sells for a shade under £3000, so £1500 would certainly be an improvement on that. But it's probably not the mass-market price many were hoping for, and confirms Technics is very much aiming at the audiophile rather than DJ market with its new Technics turntables.

Still, it's worth noting that Technics hasn't yet confirmed that price. We've asked the question and will update here when we hear back.

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Still a high price for what

Still a high price for what most people consider a DJ deck. 

I would like to demo it against my current TT which did retail around £1500 when new. 

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It may look like the old 1200

It may look like the old 1200 but this is NOT a dj deck, but an audiophile one. And since Linn's cheapest deck is 3000 quid, why should Technics not aim high?

BTW, Hifi News gave the Technics SL 1200G a terrific review.

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"the price range of many

"the price range of many people, let alone DJs..."

I like it Smile