Good news, Technics fans: the new SL-1200GAE turntable due out later this year is going to be slightly more affordable than you might have thought...

Technics has confirmed the limited edition Technics SL-1200GAE turntable will go sale in the UK for £2799.

The turntable went on sale in Japan yesterday, with all 300 models selling out in a matter of minutes1200 units of the limited edition GAE model will ultimately go on sale worldwide, and Technics has now confirmed the UK models will set you back £2799 - a fair conversion rate on the $4000 quoted by Technics at the start of the year.

It's not unusual for US prices to be all too similar to UK prices, so it's fair to say we feared the Technics '1200GAE could be on the pricey side. While the new deck isn't going to match the original £1200 price of the SL-1200, it's perhaps a little closer than we might have thought.

The limited edition deck, which is due out around June in the UK, will be followed by the SL-1200G later in the year. This deck will have a few minor design tweaks but will crucially be available in much larger numbers. Technics hasn't confirmed the price of the standard model but we'll assume for now that it will be similar if not the same.

Technics spoke to What Hi-Fi? earlier in the year to explain the price, saying the deck was a complete redesign, requiring a brand new manufacturing process and using all new tools - and this made the whole process rather expensive. Thankfully, it appears it's not £4000 expensive.

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A little better

Well, that's a bit better: it's back below the £3000 the Technics people were apparently quoting at the Bristol show. But I'm not sure when the SL-1200 was ever £1200: I thought it was nearer £500 max not long before it went out of production.

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What is a Technics worth anyway?

Think you're right Spiny, I can only ever recall the Limited Gold Edition (normally) retailing anywhere near £1200. To be brutally honest though the Technics wasn't even worth £500 for domestic Vinyl replay (for DJing yes).

Funnily WHF have just posted a so-so review of the Flexson Deck siting average sound and poor build yet praise the Rega RP1 which is built to almost the exact same I guess the marketing behind the products carries influence.

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The service of rega at head office has always been spot on which has a value.

The service of all non-UK products is shocking and in the vast majority of cases you are at the mercy of the store you purchased or like in most cases today you end up down the tip

If you have £2799 to spend the rega RP10 Turntable at roughly, the same price would win every time 

However, I should add if this SL-1200GAE is made in japan then all should be well but as for any type of service from Technics in the UK, that in my experience over the past 40 years has never happened the same with all non-UK manufacturers 

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In ten years... would be interesting to see what this might be worth, versus (say) the Rega mentioned above.  A few years ago you could get a nearly new Technics for £250 ish, and now you can scarcely get a tatty one for that!

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Truth being told,

Technics has track record of making a really good products, and 1200 is definitely one of those. It didn't stay in production for so long for being a mediocre device. So price went up, by a lot. Well, if the sound, quality and overall performance did too, than that price should be justified. We should wait to see/hear it once it's out. I've owned 1210mkII and was very happy with it. Great DJ tool. Not the greatest audiophile sound but not bad neither. I have signed up for a preorder on a new one.....I have faith in Technics, and do have most Technics equipment at home that I use to listen to the music. With proper cables ( interconnects and power ) Technics components can deliver an amazing sound. Just make sure not to use DSP, equalizer,...stuff that I see a lot when people post videos of Technics on a YouTube. That might work if you do DJing stuff and listening to some club tunes, but for an audiophile sound, SL 1200 + MA10 + AFP10 = HI FI Smile