Ever wondered which turntable keeps the President of the United States entertained? Wonder no more...

Architectural Digest has taken a look inside the private quarters of the White House during the last months of the Obama administration, and that includes a brief of glimpse of the sound system.

The photo shows two speakers, a subwoofer and a record player sitting under a painting of Alma Thomas’s 1973 Sky Light.

Users on Reddit quickly identified the turntable as the £250 Denon DP-300F, a fully automatic turntable with an MM cartridge and a built-in phono stage, while the speakers appear to be the wireless Bluetooth Kanto YU5s, yours for £290.

The subwoofer is more difficult to see, but we think that it might be an Audioengine S8 (£312). We reviewed that subwoofer back in 2009, only five months after Barack Obama took office, praising its compact build and "loud and proud" sound. Maybe he read the review...

Perhaps Obama just prefers the piano?

Nothing too extravagant, then. We can only presume the leader of the free world has something a little more spectacular back at home.

As it stands, we're happy to report our office system - OK, listening rooms - are much more impressive. But then we don't have a country to run.

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macdiddy's picture

for the most powerful man in the world....

this system is a bit pants, the "audio consultant" should be fired, the speakers aren't even on stands for goodness sake.

the room looks plenty big enough for a nice pair of floorstanders matched in colour and finished like the piano, the turntable should be much grander and a separate pre-power amp combo should be proudly on display, oh and most important it should be american made therefore I think something from McIntosh would be ideal.

Or if you are like me I would just stick a personal IMAX cinema in there and be done with it.



Geddy76's picture

Why no Bush midi system?

I guess he prefers something a little less Republican.  (I'm really sorry.)

Friesiansam's picture

Not everyone who is well-off

Not everyone who is well-off is also into high-end hi-fi.

SoundByter's picture

No Need for Hair Standing Volume i suppose

Espically if going to make your hair look like TrumpsClapping

Trumps favourite Tunes...His hair would be lost without them me thinks

Jaymes Smith's picture

Take a look at Barack Obama's White House sound system

Since when was having the turntable right beside the speakers on the shelf a good idea???