The Ion turntable has integrated speakers, a USB connection for digitising your vinyl, and can play records at 33, 45 and 78rpm. And it's £50.

What's on your shopping list? Milk, bread, washing up liquid... record player?

If you're a Lidl shopper, that last one can now be a reality, as the supermarket chain has started to stock an all-in-one ION record player. Just in time for Christmas.

The deck is reminiscent of the infamous Crosley turntables, offering built-in speakers so you can plug 'n' play straight out of the box. There's also a USB output.

The Lidl record player looks fairly similar to the ION Audio Max, which is currenly on sale on Amazon for £80.

Earlier in the year we reported that Sainsbury's had become the biggest vinyl retailer on the high street, so it's perhaps no surprise to see Lidl getting in on the act.

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Though with record sales reportedly dropping in 2016, the store may be a little late to the party. But they're not alone - there's a £30 Aldi turntable on the way too.

Then again, maybe this is the budget turntable people are waiting for in order to get them to actually listen to the records that they're buying - 48% of people who buy vinyl supposedly don't listen to their records.

And if you're looking for some vinyl to get you started, then Black Friday might be a good place to start, not least as the people behind Record Store Day are getting in on the act.

Not convinced? Allow us to point you towards our selection of the best budget turntables.

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Now people can buy expensive

Now people can buy expensive vinyl, but they only need to spend £50 to permanently damage it.  That's one way to damage the vinyl revival relatively quickly.

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You can now buy a £50 turntable from Lidl

As a contact medium, every time you play a record you damage it and wear the stylus (which is why I've archived my small number of vinyls that may never be remastered and reissued on CD to MiniDisc -- heretical to some, but I can't hear any difference).  To what extent a record suffers damage just by playing it is only a matter of degree relative to how much you've spent on your turntable/arm/cartridge and how scrupulously you've set them up.

That said, this ION turntable is obviously a starter for a kid's bedroom and they're unlikely to be spending big bucks on new albums so we hardly need get too hung up about the wear factor.  For what it is, I expect it's probably pretty decent.

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